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Collie shot in face recovering: Authorities still search for those responsible

A collie shot in the face is recovering, according to 14 News on Feb. 18. The collie, named Lad, is walking around and seems to be winning over the lab techs at the facility where he is staying.

Lad, the collie shot in the face, is recovering
Screencap via YouTube

Lad had been found severely malnourished and the collie had been shot in the face prior to being found. WDRB notes that a group called The Arrow Fund is now covering the cost to care for Lad, who is 8 months old. He was found in Owensboro, Ky. and authorities are searching for those responsible for shooting the collie.

Those who would like to help cover the costs of the collie shot in the face can donate through The Arrow Fund. The site is sharing updates on Lad's recovery as well. Their notes on Lad's case indicate that the pup was in dire shape when he was rescued, and the gunshot wound appeared to be at least six days old.

Lad has been through a great deal that no dog should have to endure, but he is clearly a fighter determined to survive. He may need reconstruction and he hopefully will be able to gain weight soon too. At this time he is unable to eat or drink and is being fed through a tube.

Little has been shared about the investigation into who is responsible for the collie getting shot in the face. Luckily he is in good hands now and people are rallying to support his recovery. People are most certainly hoping that those responsible for such a heinous abuse are found and held responsible.

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