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Collie pup shot in the face in Kentucky

Lad, shot in the face - warning, some images are graphic
Lad, shot in the face - warning, some images are graphic
The Arrow Fund

A gorgeous, eight-month-old Collie pup, who was shot in the face, is recovering from his devastating injuries in Louisville, Ky., reported Tuesday's WHAS News.

Lad recovering
Arrow Fund FB page

The dog, dubbed "Lad," was picked up by animal control in Davvies County and taken to a veterinarian - shortly thereafter, Lad was taken to the Blue Pearl Animal Clinic thanks to the non-profit organization, the Arrow Fund.

Though the pup is off of the street and under veterinary care, he is not out of the woods. The gunshot wound was found to be several days old and a tremendous amount of infection had already set in.

On Tuesday, the Arrow Fund updated their Facebook followers with the following information:

We had planned on inserting a feeding tube last night - but "Lad" was running a temp. and overall to weak to put it in. The doctors felt he needed some rest , relief from pain , and fluids. The feeding tube hopefully will be placed today. His temp. is coming down. He actually got up during the night and urinated when taken outside.

Lad's shattered jaw left him unable to eat and he is said to be "emaciated," weighing in at just 41 pounds.

An Arrow Fund volunteer stated:

The smell of rotten tissue was so bad. This boy is so sweet, he is a heartbreaker for sure . Everytime I stopped petting him he pawed me to continue . I must say I am very worried -much of the tissue I saw looked black . It also was confirmed to be gunshot wounds- there are three bullet holes in his mouth area.

Lad has a long road to recovery ahead of him. The person(s) responsible for this heinous act of cruelty remains a mystery.

Anyone hoping to contribute to Lad's veterinary expenses can mail a check to:

The Arrow Fund P.O.Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059 .

Or, make an online donation here.

Note: Some photos in the slideshow are graphic.

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