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Collegiate Day of Prayer

Praying in Unity
Praying in Unity

While many issues grab our attention these days, prayer for our colleges is one that demands our attention. With what is going on in education today in general, our nation's educational system is in dire need of prayer for wisdom, guidance, understanding of both rigorous and God-centered curriculum, for the minds of our youth and college professors. The Collegiate Day of Prayer will take place nationally on February 27th so you still have time to organize or join. You can visit the web-site to get involved, adopt a college campus, see who's praying or register.

It is the next generation who will soon lead our country. Will they be totally godless or understand the intellectual, moral and spiritual implications of their call in life. Whether you have a young child , a collegiate, a graduate, or know someone who does, prayer for our colleges and universities will be time well spent. A battle for the minds of both our youth, and young men and women rages both in the public and private sector.

Whether our progeny will believe in anything beyond self is largely up to how diligent we are to pray. Can prayer change the hearts of our young men and woman? Yes! Without prayer they will fall prey to the vain philosophies and idle chatter of this world. No matter your denominational beliefs, it is imperative that we unite in this cause to pray for the nation's colleges and universities.

While some have totally denied the existence and relevance of God, we can raise up the banner and proclaim, God is not dead! He is indeed worthy of our consideration and His Word once guided this nation. For years, the Bible was the only book in many schools and it was for this rigorous study that great universities like Harvard were established. Christians do not need to be backed in a corner and labeled as un- intellectuals. We are not.

But the only way we can gain ground again is through prayer and study of God's Word and its principals. Youth need to be able to give a reason for their beliefs, and have materials so they can defend their faith. In addition to gathering for prayer, Josh McDowell ministries offers many tools for teens and the college student. You can visit his web site or purchase his books if you are interested.

Locally, there will be a prayer meeting on February 27th, at Dutchess Community College53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601 in the Washington building Room 130 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm. For more information visit the Sound of Life radio station web-site. This is a National event. Look for more information on-line and in your local newspaper and join in prayer together for revival on our college campuses!