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College students prepare for job and internship searches

Spring break is almost here for many Florida colleges and universities.

And that means time for a job search. During the next few weeks, many students will be hitting the streets looking for work over the summer and perhaps even the next year.

"Right now I am working at a fast food restaurant but I hope to work as a paralegal over the summer. My goal is to become a lawyer and I want to get the experience of working in a law office over the summer," said Jennifer Lugo.

"I am hoping to get an internship at a television station. I love media and broadcasting and I think I would do well in the broadcast industry," said Tony Shepherd.

"I hope to find a job in restaurant management after I graduate this spring. I have a lot of experience in this area and could do a good job," said Maryanne Rivera.

"I will be spending spring break look for work in the marketing field. I hope to find a good job over the next week," said Stephanie Ricci.

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