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College students in New York find $40,000 in couch from thrift store

Anything can be hiding in thrift store furniture.
Anything can be hiding in thrift store furniture.
Associated Press

eBay sellers are constantly on the look out for thrift store scores that can be resold on line for profit. But what if the item purchased is full of cash? That’s exactly what happened to three New York college students – Reese Werkhoven, Callie Guasti, and Laura Russo when they purchased a couch from a local Salvation Army thrift store for $20.

The three roommates brought the couch home and as they were sitting on it felt some lumps and bumps. They began pulling out envelopes stuffed with cash. One bundle contained $4,000 wrapped in bubble wrap. The excitement grew as the three students continued to pull out more and more hidden cash, they were screaming and crying so loud their neighbors thought they had won the lottery. As they spread out their new-found fortune on the bed and began to count it, they discussed plans of world travel and what luxury items they could buy. The total was $40,800.

Mixed in with the bundles and envelopes of cash, they found a deposit slip with a woman’s name on it. The next morning, Werkoven called the woman to explain they had found her small fortune and they wanted to return it to her. The owner was a 91 year old woman who had been hiding money in the couch for 30 years. Her family donated the couch to the Salvation Army when she was having health problems, obviously not knowing her life savings was stashed in the couch.

The students returned the money to its rightful owner the next day, when she gave them a $1,000 reward. "It's not our money, said Werkhoven, of New York City." We didn't have any right to it. Read the full article on Fox News.