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College student found beaten to death in New Jersey backyard

The college student who was found beaten to death in a New Jersey backyard on Saturday morning is remembered by his friends at Rutgers today. 22-year-old William McCaw, who is identified as a college student by “Fox and Friends” live on Monday morning Feb. 17, was found dead in the snow with injuries that suggest he received a horrendous beating that ended his life.

College student found beaten to death in a New Jersey backyard.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

McCaw was found in the backyard of a New Brunswick home, but he had no connection to the people who lived in the house. It is not known were the beating took place at this time.

NBC News reports Monday that McCaw “previously attended Rutgers” but would often return to New Brunswick to visit friends. He was attending Keene University at the time of his death, transferring to that school from Rutgers. The deceased young man was originally from Gallatin, Tennessee.

The official cause of death was not released, but prosecutors say he “suffered blunt force trauma” and that he was pronounced dead at the scene. Rutgers students who knew “Billy” posted their thoughts about their friend on their Facebook pages and from all accounts so far, he was a well-liked young man.

Students have questioned why someone would want to kill McCaw, who was considered a “selfless individual who always gave the impression that he cared,” which was posted on Rutgers' Pi Kappa Phi chapter's Facebook page.

Police used dogs to search the area where McCaw’s body was found. The dogs lead police to a location down the street from where McCaw’s bludgeoned body was discovered, but it is not known if they found anything or not.

Rutgers students living near the home where McCaw’s body was found are unsettled by this news, finding it “scary” to live so close to a location where someone was killed, reports Rommel Espina, a student who resides not far from where McCaw was found.

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