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College student $350k drone delivery: Huge mistake made by UPS or the Feds?

A college student's $350k drone delivery went viral after he posted images of his unexpected package to Reddit Monday. The college student, who chose to remain anonymous, was expecting to only receive weight lifting equipment he ordered but he discovered that he also received parts for a $350k drone from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, The Washington Times said Tuesday.

The Puma AE (All Environment) is a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed for land based and maritime operations

Although there has been confusion as to who made the error, an updated report from the blog Motherboard explained that the NOAA insists that the shipping error was UPS's fault, not the federal government's.

“We sent one of our Puma unmanned aircraft systems to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary in Massachusetts. We sent a set of about eight boxes for this one aircraft system, and one was misdelivered by UPS,” David Miller, a spokesperson for NOAA, told the site. “We’re working with UPS to find it.”

A report from NBC News says that UPS has "reacquired" the parts of the expensive drone that it mistakenly delivered to the college student, who's Reddit name is "Seventy_Seven."

"We're still investigating what happened, but it's true that we had a misdelivery," a UPS spokeswoman told NBC News. "We've already reacquired the package and will get it to the intended recipient."

According to the college student's Reddit post, he contacted UPS about the mistake, but a representative ensured him that the box was indeed his.

"I should mention that the label on the exterior was addressed to me. Nothing on the outside of the crate said it was government property. I had ordered a weightlifting bench (which I received) and this came with it," he said in the post.

UPS is investigating the matter to figure out how such a significant mistake could have been made. "We deliver nearly 17 million packages every day, and sometimes a mistake can be made," a UPS spokesperson said.

RT News explained that the drone is officially known as the Puma AE (All-Environment). It is five feet long, has a 9.2-foot wingspan, and is launched by hand. It can reach an altitude of 10,000 feet, but normally flies within 50-1000 feet of the ground for accurate surveillance. Continue reading: County limits gatherings at homes? Extreme proposal sparks outrage in Va. county

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