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College student: $350K drone delivery unsettling experience for Reddit user

UPS accidentally delivered a $350K drone to a college student
UPS accidentally delivered a $350K drone to a college student
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A college student's $350K drone delivery most certainly caught him off-guard. As it turns out, according to NBC News, the delivery was a mistake by UPS and the package has already been reacquired and sent to where it was intended.

The recipient was a Reddit user, and the package had parts of a "Puma" drone in it. Though it is unclear so far how the package ended up being delivered to the college student, the $350K drone shipment was meant to be delivered to a research facility in Massachusetts. The box had a card that indicated it was USA federal property and it contained a control panel and wings.

Interestingly, the Reddit poster had to do a bit of work to get UPS to realize their mistake, pick up the package and deliver it as it was originally intended. He seemingly worried about that he could end up in trouble for having the package, but it seems all is well now. As he realized just what the delivery contained he joked that perhaps it was a bit tempting to keep it.

Those delivery mistakes certainly happen, this one is a pretty big one. UPS is still investigating the situation to try to determine how the college student's $350K drone package shocker was delivered to him by mistake.

Source: NBC News