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College shooting rampage captures national attention

Several days ago, another school shooting made national headlines. This time, however, the shooting did not take place on a high school campus. but right near the campus of a college, as a young man shot, stabbed and killed seven people, including himself, and injured several more.

The shooting took place in the picturesque Southern California town of Isla Vista, which is right near the campus of University of California at Santa Barbara. Three of the victims were students at the school.

The shooter in the case was a young man with a history of anger that has, since news of the shooting broke, become known around the nation. The young man apparently made a series of disturbing YouTube videos, in which he expressed vehement hatred for many people, though especially towards women, and also wrote a long manifesto thoroughly detailing his plans for revenge on those he believed that wronged him. His identity also made headlines, since his father worked as an assistant director on the popular "Hunger Games" movie franchise.

Unfortunately, school shootings are becoming too normal in this day and age. Over the past few years, many other school shootings such as the ones in Newtown, Connecticut in late 2012, have made national headlines.

Now, sadly, the nation has yet another school-related shooting to mourn.

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