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College seniors... the holidays are comi

The holidays are coming and you KNOW everyone will be asking you about your plans for next year.  What will you say?  Some of the lucky ones already have a job lined up.  But, mot college seniors don't.  

Here are a few things you can do NOW to get the ball rolling (and your parents off your back)...

  •  Visit your Career Services office. Check out their calendar of events. Are there any upcoming job fairs you can attend? Will any employers be interviewing on campus? They most likely will have some career tests you can take to begin thinking about possible career options. They may also have career counselors that can help you interpret the results or do a mock interview. Ask for help with your resume as well. Although Career Services offers services after graduation, it's much easier to make use of their services while you are still on campus. 
  •  Many jobs are not posted in a bad job market. When employers do hire, they will tend to ask their employees for referrals to fill a job. Make a list of contacts-friends, family, classmates, neighbors, previous co-workers-who you can approach for help. 
  • Meet with your alumni association. Make a list of alumni you can contact to network. People often overlook the alumni connection but it is a powerful tool. Alums love to help other alums. 
  • Ask your professors for ideas and job leads. Many employers approach the faculty directly if they are hiring. Again, it's easier to use that connection before you graduate. 
  • Create a plan to identify any gaps in your background and find ways to fill those gaps. An internship, part time work or volunteer work can help do that.