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College men smarter than women?

"This is how the boys do it, right?"
"This is how the boys do it, right?"

Combining a recent study on college major by gender and college major by IQ has convinced one group of researchers that college men are smarter than college women, though one must question the wisdom of trying to take such a stance publicly.

One study shows that those in the hard sciences, such as math, computer science, engineering, etc, tend to have higher IQs. The other study shows that men are more strongly represented in these same majors than women. And, as everybody knows, correlation always equals causation.

Nevermind that the study estimated IQs based on SAT scores, which have always been shown to have no gender biases whatsoever and be totally fair, you guys. And nevermind that approximately 60% of college students are female, in spite of that.

But the IQ tests have long been accused of gender bias themselves, with women scoring lower than men over the last 100 years. At least, they did until 2012 when women surpassed men. In other words, women are smarter than men, but not while they’re in college.

Women have always totally been encouraged to go into the sciences too; at least, this writer has never heard of anybody trying to accuse women of being bad at math. Not to mention the fact that IQ is the final definitive measure of intelligence and ability, there being no other means whatsoever to determine raw intelligence.

So there it is. Men are totally smarter, more capable, and smell better than women. They go to college to do math and science and make the world better, while women are pretty much there to try to find a husband to support her while she frets about shoes and what to cook her husband for dinner.

It’s either that, or the people who combined these studies need a remedial course in statistics.

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