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College gradutes face crushing debts

College is supposed to be a time of learning, an opportunity to meet new people and explore different ideas. It may also be a time to gain new job skills.

But for too many young people college is a time when huge debts are piled up. Many students are leaving school thousands of dollars in debt and this means they may struggle to start families and buy their first homes.

"I didn't realize how much college would cost. I am $40,000 in debt and I don't have too many job prospects," said Amanda Espinal.

"College is way overpriced. I went to a selective university but now I am facing a huge debt. And I don't have a high paying job lined up," said Rachel Ortiz.

"The people who are running colleges need to look for ways to reduce the cost of a college education. To many people are graduating with huge debts," said Nicole Hernandez.

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