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College graduates struggle to find jobs

College graduation is here.

After the cap and gown ceremony and the parties, the real world hits. Young people must now find a job.

And many young people are finding the job search a lot harder than the hardest multiple choice test. Some are finding it hard to get an interview for that idea position. Others are staying with retail and restaurant jobs they had while in college. And many graduates are struggling to pay huge student loan debts.

"I work at a restaurant as a server but I want to go into corporate management. I have sent out applications but I have only had one or two interview offers," said Nicholas Alston.

"It is never easy to find work. I did pretty well in my business classes and I hope to find something in entry level management," said Maria Ortega.

"The job market is improving. But it is still hard for a recent college graduate to find a job," said Timothy Simmons.

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