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College graduate embarks on a 60 day road trip across the US

A slideshow of photos from the official Facebook of "Where Dirt Grows" and snapshots of Joe Ramos climbing.
A slideshow of photos from the official Facebook of "Where Dirt Grows" and snapshots of Joe Ramos climbing.
Joe Ramos & Where Dirt Grows

Local filmmaker Joe Ramos, recently graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in Film Production. As many film students have come to learn, Hollywood is one of the toughest industries to make it in. With no stable income or real place to call his own, Ramos lives out of a garage as he chases his “American Dream.”

Joe Ramos
Stephanie Murillo

Ramos post-grad life is a far cry from the safe suburban Temecula lifestyle, he once knew. “I don’t know if I’m an adult yet, but right now is the perfect time for me to try,” as Ramos explains.

As the grace period for his college loan dwindles near, this is the perfect time to embark on the chance of a lifetime. At the tender age of twenty-two and with less than one month after graduating. Ramos is heading on the road with a couple hundred bucks to shoot his first documentary feature.

Ramos is an avid climber with years of experience and his love for the outdoors only grew with his new project, Where Dirt Grows. Ramos and close filmmaker friend Daniel Lee will travel cross-country in a car from CA to NY for two months! As Ramos explains, “The film is about our American Dream and how it has changed through the generations. We will examine four climbers lives and how they live in a capital society while pursing their true passion.”

“I want to inspire people to find a lifestyle that best suits them,” as Ramos says. Too many of our college graduates settle in a meaning less job, just for the sake of a paycheck. Ramos reminds us “You have to do what makes you happy! We can’t determine our future. So why dwell over things we have on control over?”

This is just one of the many great people of Generation Y. Ramos’s passion for life and carefree spirit instantly puts you in a good mood. While many think it’s not possible to live your dream, Ramos reminds us to think again!

What is identity? Ramos answered, “Identity is a collection of past-experiences and how one interprets them.” ☐ SM

For more information about the film, check out the official Facebook here: Ramos and Lee leave CA in less than two weeks! Be sure to follow their journey across the US!

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