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College grads looking for the best place to work

R. Terpolilli

A recent survey was completed by as they released the 2014 list for the "Top 10 Best Cities for New College Graduates".

The study rates cities by how well they cater to college graduates in terms of job opportunities, recreation and nightlife for young people in the age bracket of 25 to 34 year old.

Some of the other city factors considered in the rating are rental properties, public transportation and if there is a thriving industry sector that has top-hiring potential such as technology, health care or government services.

Rated number 1 for this year was Cambridge, MA, in part, because of its bio-tech and health care industry jobs.

There was also good news for our neighbors in Austin, Texas.

Austin was rated at number 3 on the list for 2014.

According to Austin "holds the highest number of 25-34 year-olds on the list..". "Austin's economy is as diverse as its resident, who come from east and west looking for a unique American experience."

The following is a snapshot of Austin's statistics (according to

25- to 34-year-olds: 171,526

Available jobs: 20,025

Hot industries: Computer technology, research and development and engineering.

Top employers: IBM, Apple and Advanced Micro Devices.

So good luck to all new college graduates who will soon be job seekers.

Great news for Austin.

Now San Antonio has a close example so our city can get on the list for next year.

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