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College friends sisters: Two best friends have same sperm donor, 'even closer'

Two college friends learned they are sisters this week in a discovery that seems to defy all the odds. Mikayla Stern-Ellis and Emily Nappi were starting their freshman year together at Tulane University and quickly became best friends. It was only after the two realized how similar they were that they spoke with their mothers and discovered that their father was the same sperm donor for both girls. CNN News Day reports on this remarkable coincidence this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, and how it brought these related students even closer together.

The Nappi sisters smiling and hugging
Facebook Photo, CNN Image

While good college friends acting like sisters isn’t uncommon at all, an actual case of learning that your dearest companion is in fact your biological sister is one strange news story, to be sure. Yet earlier this month, Emily Nappi and Mikayla Stern-Ellis discovered through their new friendship that their bond was even more important than either realized. The two first began to suspect that they might be related when a striking number of similarities between the two began to occur at school.

Shortly afterward, both girls learned that they were conceived from the very same sperm donor, a Colombian man who had donated his genetic material to a Calfornia Cryobank. The sisters went from a chance meeting on Facebook to getting accepted into the same school, then finally learning that they were indeed blood-related.

According to the press release on these college friends sisters becoming even closer:

“Emily Nappi says both girls noticed they had a lot in common but "We just thought it was a joke until Winter break." That's when she says her mom felt there was too much coincidence. Nappi added that her mom read her the donor number and when she passed that information onto her friend the discovery was made.”

"We always thought we looked exactly like our moms, but we look exactly like each other," Nappi says.

The college friends and sisters grew up in very different parts of California, yet the pair of siblings are less than seven months apart in terms of age. While Nappi has admitted that Tulane University was her first choice from the beginning, Stern-Ellis believes that it was fate that made her choose the school.

"I got a free application one day," she says. "There's no particular reason I chose Tulane, I just felt like I needed to go there."

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