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College friends sisters: Small world, besties share same sperm donor

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Two college friends are sisters from the same sperm donor. Mikayla Stern-Ellis and Emily Nappi learned they shard the same father after doing some research on who fathered them. Mikayla and Emily were besties to begin with, but at the urging of other friends and Mikayla's mother, they launched their own investigation. Emily thought there was probably a "25 percent chance we're sisters."

People magazine reports Jan. 24 that both women are freshmen at Tulane University that met last fall. They told each other they were conceived by an anonymous Colombian sperm donor.

The college friends are literally half sisters as well as sisters of the heart.

There may even be some supporting evidence that at times, genetics play a role in why two people can have the same things in common or love the same things. Mikayla and Emily like acting and that was one of the interests their sperm donor father put on his profile.

"For me, Tulane just felt right, and this is one of the many things that proves I made the right decision," said Emily.

This definitely is one of those situations in life that bring to mind how small of a world it really is. What were the odds of these two women meeting one another the way they did? Mikayla and Emily are college friends and sisters -- a bond they will cherish for the rest of their lives.