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College friends discover they are sisters after comparing sperm donor cards

When best friends recently discovered that they are sisters they were ecstatic. Each have the same biological father, who was a sperm donor. Finding out that your friend is really your sister only proves that there’s forces at work that mortals just can’t see. Somehow the universe brought these two girls together to discover that they are sisters.

Best friends discover they are sisters, they had the same sperm donor dad!

According to the New York Daily News on Jan. 24, these two Tulane University freshman met at college and became friends. They decided to compare donor cards one day and what they found was unbelievable, they each had the same sperm donor dad.

The blood relation is obvious when you look at these two girls, who look like sisters. A chance meeting at their college started a friendship that led to finding out their family relationship. Now the girls are inseparable. They didn’t just decide to compare the donor cards, it was a serious of similarities that they shared that brought them to this point.

Emily Nappi and Mikayla Stern Ellis are half-sisters, sharing the same biological father who donated his sperm a few decades ago. Their sperm donor father was from Colombia and the girls lived about eight hours apart from each other growing up in California.

Before they knew they were sisters, they noticed the traits they had in common and the eerily similar interests they shared. Then there was their looks, which are also very similar.

Nappi said “There’s something so familiar in her face when I look at her.”

The girls both knew that they had sperm donor fathers from the South American country and they decided to do some investigating. After comparing donor card numbers the two got the answer that they had suspected, they were sisters. This is a wonderful, but bizarre story. What are the odds of this happening?

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