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College decorating: furnishing a studio apartment on a budget

all items chosen by Casa Diseno
all items chosen by Casa Diseno

Most college students will spend their time in the dorms while others will choose to stay off campus. How freeing it must be for a college student to live in their own place void of resident assistants, and dorm rules. Now that you have your own place, what do you plan to do with it? Unlike a dorm room, apartments come with flooring and four walls. There are no complimentary bunk beds or shared pieces. If you find yourself in a bind for furniture then we have the right solution for you.

IKEA 2012 Catalog

IKEA is one of the most sought after showrooms for their affordable and modern finds. The international company always knows what the best solutions are for your home. Let’s say you are going to rent a studio apartment and need everything from a bed to a dining set. What do you do? Using IKEA furnishings, we have created a concept board of items for a studio apartment. To see more pieces, visit You can also pick up a copy of the 2012 IKEA catalog available now.

Quick Studio Apartment Decorating Tips

  • Futons and pull-out sofas are great, but… - Don’t get us wrong, we love multi-functional pieces as they save space. However, is the hassle of transitioning these pieces from bedroom to living room worth it? If you have the space, opt for a regular bed to help define zones (bedroom, living room, dining area). You may also find that sleep will feel a little better.
  • Use your wall space – If you can put it on the wall, do it! Bookcases, shelving units and other pieces enhance your studio’s storage space without leaving it cluttered. Nothing amplifies the illusion of space quite like a room with visible flooring.
  • Say bye-bye to multiple accent pieces – It’s fine I you want a coffee table, but excessive pieces become an eye sore. Steer clear of bulky items that will make your interior feel cluttered.

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