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College basketball's NCAA tournament bracket projections: Wisconsin is No. 1

Iowa loses to Northwestern to end the season with three straight losses
Iowa loses to Northwestern to end the season with three straight losses
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports released his updated NCAA bracket projections on Friday. Plenty of teams had chances to cement their resume with nice wins, but a lot of them came up empty. There were numerous games featuring two bubble teams facing off, so it was abundantly clear that the conference tournaments would produce some huge losses on Thursday, but it was the upsets that have shaken the foundation of the new projections.

Marble looks to shoot
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Doug McDermott scores 35 in win over DePaul.

In the Big 10, Iowa took a hit after losing to Northwestern on Thursday. Although Iowa is projected as No.10 seed, this loss could come back to haunt them in the long run. The Hawkeyes ended the season with three straight losses and their only win in the last seven games was against Purdue. Iowa, like so many other teams, need the favorites to win their league tournaments.

Kansas Jayhawks stay at No.2 seed in bracket projections.

Minnesota beat Penn State, yet they are still on the first four out according to Jerry Palm. If they are able to beat Wisconsin, look for the Golden Gophers to temporarily jump into the field of 68.

Wisconsin moved up a projected seed line without playing. Jerry Palm has the Badgers playing as the No.1 seed in the East.

Nebraska faces Ohio State in a Big 10 quarterfinal game. Although, Nebraska is a higher seed in the conference tournament, the Buckeyes are safely in the bracket, while Nebraska needs another win just to secure a spot.

Michigan still sits as No.2 seed. They’ll have a chance to play their way into the top line. However, if they lose, there’s a possibility that the Wolverines would fall to a No. 3.


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