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College basketball's NCAA tournament bracket projections: Florida Gators No. 1

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports updated the projected NCAA tourney bracket on Wednesday. With the conference season winding down, every game will be magnified for the potential number one seeds, as well the bubble teams. This is only a projection and all of these teams are subject to change.

With only a couple weeks left, teams will be scrambling to make the NCAA tournament
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Gators use suffocating defense to beat opponents
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The top four seeds (Florida, Wichita State, Syracuse, Arizona) in the AP poll are still in strong consideration to be the number one seeds. However, it’s very likely that another team could replace if any of the top teams slip up.

Wichita State storms to (30-0) in regular season.

The Kansas Jayhawks are projected to be a #2 seed, but they already won the regular season Big 12 title. If they continue on this journey without a loss, their strong schedule could push them up to the top line. The other #2 seeds are (Villanova, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati.) This line should look a lot different once the official NCAA bracket comes out.

Florida Gators #1 in the AP Poll, stay unbeaten in SEC.

Duke is the standout #3 seed, but the rest of the bunch brings a lot to the table as well. In similar fashion to the Blue Devils, Creighton and Iowa State bring a lot of scoring to the table. The other team, San Diego State, has been a stalwart defensively, and they’re one of the best rebounding teams in the nation. When it’s time to fill out the bracket, these four teams will be looked at as high level sleepers to get to the final four.

The #4 seeds would definitely be highlighted by the two Big 10 teams. The two conference leaders, Michigan and Michigan State would be matched up with potential opponents, Wichita State and Arizona. If those games happened, both Michigan schools could be the favorite. Virginia and St. Louis are the other potential #4 seeds. However, neither of these teams are likely going to be seeded here as well. Virginia hasn’t lost since mid January, and they lead the ACC. St. Louis hasn’t lost since the first day of December.

Here is the "Treat 16" Power Poll.

Jerry Palm has North Carolina as a #7 seed. At the rate they’ve been winning games, the Tarheels could be a favorite to win the championship. North Carolina has won nine games in a row, but they have three road games to finish the season. Are they a possible #1 seed?

Other notable teams close to making the cut are Georgetown and Nebraska. Currently, Jerry Palm has them on the outside looking in. To compare, Providence and Minnesota were chosen to be in the first round games hosted by Dayton.

Nebraska has won 8 out of 10 games and the Huskers are definitely trending towards the postseason.

It should be a wild couple of weeks prior to the conference tournaments, but teams will be banking on strong results during championship week.


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