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College bars: O'Hara's near UCLA does late-night happy hour

If you mention O’Hara’s to students near the UCLA campus they may not know what you’re talking about; but ask any of them where to find a good late-night drink special in Westwood and most of them will tell you, without a second’s hesitation, to go to Maloney’s. What you'll come to realize is you were talking about the same bar.

While this popular college bar officially changed its name three years ago, O’Hara’s has unofficially remained “Maloney’s” to most UCLA students and alumni. This is because not much has changed within the brick walls of this Irish-style pub. O’Hara’s still has all the old celebrity photos on the walls, the ever-popular late-night happy hour has not failed to pull in swarms of students eager for some post-midterm celebrating, and the end of the evening is still signaled by the theme song from “Cheers.“

Though you may have to wait in a fairly long line to get in on a Tuesday or Thursday night, you might just find the wait worth it for a $2 pint or $4 liter of beer (Tuesdays). On a busy Thursday you might be lucky enough to get your $5 liter from the snazzy, new basement bar – one of the perks associated with the new name.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are not the only nights offering good drink specials; O’Hara’s has a happy hour to suit many tastes, whether you prefer Malibu or Jack Daniels (a complete list of O’Hara’s weekly happy hour specials below). Whichever night you choose to go in, the friendly staff will treat you like a regular (and usually pour you a pretty stiff drink).

Being a college bar, most patrons after 9pm are no older than 25. The age-range seems to make for a fun, though sometimes rowdy, crowd. Often tables will get pushed aside to make room for dancing, and on Sunday nights the bar transforms into a beer pong “court.” However, on a Thursday or Friday mid-day you’ll find local professionals popping in for a burger or pizza special (and maybe a Budweiser… or two) on their lunch break.

So if you enjoy large, affordable steins of beer and don’t mind crowds of twenty-something students, check out O’Hara’s in Westwood - but know you are in the right place if the sorority girl next to you tells her friend on the phone that she’s at Maloney’s.

O’Hara’s Happy Hour Specials

*Happy Hour is from 9pm to 1:45am

  • Sundays – $9 pitchers of Bud Light and Miller Lite (Beer Pong)
  • Mondays - $5 Jack & Coke, $5 Malibu & pineapple juice
  • Tuesdays - $2 pints/$4 liters of Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite
  • Wednesdays - $5 vodka & energy and $5 Jager Bombs
  • Thursdays - $5 liters of Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite and $8 liters of imports

 For more info: O'Hara's 1000 Gayley Avenue, Los Angeles (310) 208-1942‎


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