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College admissions counselors should be MBTI certified

What should I do in high school? College? With my life?

When looking for an independent college admissions counselor, it is advisable for students to consider one who is trained to administer the MBTI Personality Inventory. This article will cover what the MBTI Personality Inventory is and why it can be of help to the college bound student.

Myers and Briggs developed the MBTI Personality Inventory to determine a variety of individual preferences. These preferences do not indicate in anyway an individual’s level of intelligence or his/her ability to perform in any field. Instead, they help determine innate tendencies that each individual is born with. These “innate tendencies” include how an individual prefers to 1) take in information, 2) make decisions, 3) orient energy, and 4) combine the previous three preferences.

What’s so important about these tendencies? Using your preferences, an independent college admissions counselor can provide you with information that will help you make the right decisions for both college and your future career. For instance, your counselor will be able to help you determine what to look for when determining which colleges are amongst the best fits for you. Furthermore, if you are a younger student (freshman or sophomore), a counselor trained in administering the MBTI can use the results of the inventory to suggest extracurricular activities that you are likely to find fulfilling and that can help showcase that special YOU on your college applications. Finally, using the MBTI results, a counselor can help you explore careers that suit your personality. If you already have a career in mind, you will have the opportunity to explore which aspects of this career appeal to you and how to hone in on these work characteristics to enhance your career trajectory.

So why pick a counselor trained in administering the MBTI Personality Inventory? Why not just take a free personality inventory or career survey from the web or better yet from Cosmo? The MBTI Personality Inventory has been tested and modified for over 60 years and provides accurate results. Also, a certified MBTI counselor will be able to confirm the results through a process designed by Myers and Briggs, the creators of the inventory. Because teenagers tend to be unsure of their types when answering the questions, this confirmation step will prevent you from working with the wrong results. There are also additional benefits of taking such a survey, one of which will be discussed in my next article: Stress during the college admissions process.

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