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Collecting ourselves after a heavy full moon by TIsch Aitken

Hi, Everyone,

Earlier today, there was a full moon at 26 degrees of Virgo at 1:08 pm EDT. That energy has been building all weekend, and I have received a lot of emotional calls.

Currently, the moon is void-of-course, so it is time to just relax and go with the flow. Tonight, the moon enters the lovely sign of Libra at 8:46 pm EDT. Libra is the relationship sign, which is ruled by Venus. Hopefully, his will help to mitigate and balance some of the heavy emotions that have been flowing all weekend.

This is a social moon and should be fun for those celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! Your Scotch/Irish astrologer wishes you a fun filled day. We are going to need some fun, as this spring is going to be rocking and rolling more than you can even imagine.

-- Tisch

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