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Collect some artifacts from around the world

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Get ready to use your puzzle solving skills to collect rare artifacts from around the world in Mahjongg Artifacts. This game features two modes; quest mode and classic mode. In quest mode, you travel around the world and collect rare artifacts. To gain these rare artifacts, you have to complete each Mahjongg puzzle by matching the two golden tiles. In classic mode, you play the traditional game of Mahjongg. You have a variety of layouts, tile sets, and backgrounds from around the world to choose from. This game has one interesting game mechanic that makes for very interesting gameplay. Some of the tiles have a glow around them. When you click on the tile, similar tiles of the same color light up, and you have to choose which tile to match the other tile with. In quest mode, you have to use some strategy with these tiles to get to the golden tiles. The theme of this game is really good; you get to see alot of the world and culture with the background pictures. The music is very calm and relaxing as well. The backgrounds are made very nicely to represent the different parts of the world. Once you get good at the game, you could rank up a nice score to put into the leader board; so take a trip around the world and collect artifacts along the way with Mahjongg Artifacts.

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