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Colleagues in Congress approve Ryan pick

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) released the following statement about Gov. Mitt Romney’s selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate:

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA)
U.S. Senate photo
Gov. Mitt Romney jokes with his vice presidential running mate Congressman Paul Ryan.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

I congratulate Gov. Romney for making a thoughtful and serious choice by selecting Paul Ryan to be his running mate. I served with Paul Ryan in the House and have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Paul Ryan is a serious candidate who has clearly demonstrated that he has the discipline to help Gov. Romney tackle our country’s very serious fiscal issues. He understands that America cannot afford to continue to go down a path of record debt and deficits, and he has real solutions to get our nation back on a path of prosperity.

Congressman Tom Price (R-Roswell), who serves with Ryan on the House Budget Committee, also welcomed Ryan’s selection. Price said:

Anyone who has had the opportunity to know or work with Congressman Paul Ryan understands his passion and dedication to solving the enormous challenges facing America. He has always been a principled voice for positive solutions that will help strengthen our economy and build a future of opportunity and prosperity. There has been no greater ally in Congress for those of us fighting to change the reckless habits of the Obama Administration. At a time when the country is in need of leadership, Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will focus this election and this debate on the issues that matter to the American people…

In choosing Congressman Ryan, Governor Romney has proven that this election is about big challenges and bold solutions, and a great debate is needed today to move our nation in the right direction.

Georgia’s senior senator, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) made the following statement about the pick of Paul Ryan:

In choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, Gov. Romney has once again underscored that this election is about serious ideas and a turnaround in our nation's fiscal health. I served with Paul in the House, and know firsthand that, when it comes to budgetary matters, few in Washington are more respected than he is. I congratulate Gov. Romney on his choice of partner to lead America back to economic stability.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, has worked with Ryan on budget issues in Washington. Sessions had much to say about the selection of Ryan as Romney’s running mate:

Paul Ryan is the man I have come to believe is the best choice for Gov. Romney and for America. He is highly intelligent, in sync with our great heritage as Americans, courageous, and a proven and responsible leader. He is ready for the challenge.

No one in this country understands the financial dangers our government faces better than Paul Ryan. Paul has given himself in open public debate to developing solutions to those dangers…

Paul has a crystal clear mind with a positive, can-do attitude. He loves his country, and at this critical time in history, understands what is needed to put her back on track. He is a product of the American heartland, which is important.

Paul has also achieved a very difficult feat: He has passed a budget by a large vote in the House of Representatives. As ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, I have watched his work with great admiration. His budget, a 10-year financial plan for America, is historic and lays the foundation for an American renaissance. As I have previously said, his plan will place America on a solid path, it will change the debt course of America, and it will take us off the road to crisis and decline and put us on the road to prosperity. It won’t be easy but this is the only way.

Gov. Romney understands this country and this economy and how to get it moving again. In Paul Ryan he will have the single person in America who best understands the dangerous state of our government’s finances and how to fix them. He has already put forward a budget to do so.

Congressman Tom Graves (R-Ranger), who represents Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, issued the following statement in support of Gov. Romney’s pick for vice president:

Governor Romney made a big choice in selecting Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on America’s comeback team. Congressman Ryan is a taxpayer champion and understands empowering the private sector is the best way to strengthen the economy and create jobs. Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan believe in the hard work and determination of the American people, not bigger government. A Romney-Ryan Administration will lead America away from the current trajectory of spiraling deficits and wasteful Washington spending and back on a path to economic vitality and greatness. I am excited about campaigning for the Romney-Ryan ticket and the hope of opportunity and prosperity they will bring for each and every American.


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