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Collapsible pet bowls make travel easy

Travel easier with a collapsible bowl.
Travel easier with a collapsible bowl.

Traveling with pets is fun and allows Fido (or Fluffy, if you own a travel happy cat) to enjoy the fun with you. Pet gear, however, can be cumbersome, heavy and bulky. The pet industry now has better pet gear options for easier travel with pets.

The collapsible pet bowl may be one of the best new ideas. Instead of the old, bulky metal or plastic pet food dishes that take up so much room, you can now tuck into the pet bag a couple silicone bowl that fold to less than a half inch. Made from the same product as silicone baking sheets and collapsible colanders, they come in a variety of colors (blue, green, black, orange) and at least two sizes (1.5 and 3 cups) depending on manufacturers.

The most popular ones are sold through Petmate. Although Petmate products are not sold online or retail direct, they are available from online retailers like Amazon and Chewy, and in some chain pet stores like PetSmart. They are not sold in all retail stores, however, and they must be online ordered through the chain retailer’s website. Prices vary by seller and size, from about $6-13. Watch for added shipping fees.

Petmate also carries many products that are green friendly; they contain at least 25% recycled materials. Selections include antimicrobial litter scoops, litter pans, automatic feeders and waterers, bowls, dishes, pet beds, and more.

Another too long in coming idea is the pet carrier with mesh top. The Petmate Look ‘N See™ Portable Kennel combines the comfort and lightness of a plastic carrier with the ventilation and visibility of a wire crate. Great for travel and home containment, these kennels provide a comfortable, safe and stylish pet environment. With a molded plastic base for safety, the kennel features a unique, durable mesh construction on the top, sides and door for maximum ventilation. A molded carry handle makes it simple and comfortable for you to carry your pets around. They are ideal for pets up to 10 pounds. They come in pink and blue. A larger size would be much appreciated.

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