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Colin Kaepernick snaps back at Richard Sherman

Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman in Week 2
Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Just 11 days after losing the NFC Conference Championship game to the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn't like the post-game words from CB Richard Sherman.

Sherman called WR Michael Crabtree a "sorry" receiver immediately after the game ended and continuously called him "mediocre" in his post game presser.

"I think everyone knows his comments were ridiculous,” Kaepernick said of Sherman on the radio at the Super Bowl XLVIII media center in Midtown. “As my dad has always told me, if you have to tell people how good you are, then how good are you really? If you have to go on national TV and try to say you’re the best cornerback in the league, then you’ve got your own insecurities.”

Sherman also did a choke signal after the interception, where he was fined for it. Kaepernick said he had no problems with that because he is worried about winning games rather than gestures.

Kaepernick, under the orders of head coach Jim Harbaugh, threw a pass in the end zone intended for Crabtree in one-on-one coverage with Sherman. The Seahawks cornerback tipped the ball away and LB Malcolm Smith intercepted it, thus ending the 49ers season.

Harbaugh said that this was a pre-snap decision based on the time of the game and the matchup. If the throw was a few feet higher, it would have landed in Crabtree's hands for a touchdown, according to the head coach.

The 49ers quarterback doesn't regret anything from his throw or decision, saying that it's in the past. He had faith in his receiver on that particular play.

"I had Crabtree one-on-one with half of the field to himself and I’m going to take that every single time," Kaepernick said. "He made a good play on that ball, but if I throw it a foot farther, it’s a touchdown and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman. It’s a game of inches. The inches were in [Sherman’s] favor in that case, but this game will humble you very quickly.”

In what is one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL, there is still bad blood between the 49ers and Seahawks. Despite losing the biggest game to the Seahawks, the 49ers quarterback hopes to fall back on someone else in the Super Bowl.

Kaepernick said he is rooting for the Broncos as he left the interview by saying "Go Peyton."

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