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Colin Kaepernick continues to remain clutch under pressure

Colin Kaepernick
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a game where the 49ers didn't have their greatest offensive performance, Colin Kaepernick has kept composure when it matters most. On multiple third downs, the quarterback made key throws or rushed for the yardage needed to move the chains.

"He was running like a Gazelle [and] at times he was running and having fun," Jim Harbaugh said on Monday. "[He was running] like he was the only one on the field. That was the difference between him and the other defenders."

On third and 4 after the Packers regained the lead, Colin Kaepernick scrambled for 23 yards and the Green Bay defense couldn't stop him. Two plays later, he threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to grab the lead back.

After the Packers tied the game at 20-20 with a Mason Crosby field goal, Kaepernick was clutch on third down twice throughout the drive. He found Michael Crabtree open for a 14 yard gain on third and 10 as well as scrambling for 11 yards on third and 8.

Jonathan Goodwin said after the game that he is thankful Kaepernick is on his team and not on the opposition. He said the quarterback made it harder on opposing defenses with his legs.

"[This is the] hard part: to have guys covered and scrambling from long runs," Goodwin said. "It hurts the defense. Colin is running for first downs and it hurts them. Fortunately, he's on our team and he made those plays."

Kaepernick put the 49ers on his back after first quarter red zone struggles early on. While there were more passing plays called, the 49ers had 32 rushing and 32 passing plays from the scrambles and improvising by the third-year quarterback.

The best part about his playing last Sunday is that it will keep defenses open to both covering the ground and air. Green Bay had to respect the passing game after Anquan Boldin had more than 200 receiving yards in the regular season meeting. Kaepernick beat the Packers on his own and Harbaugh can only continue being happy with his job in a short amount of time.

"We got a good bad-weather quarterback," Harbaugh added. "That's very much to our advantage."

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