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Colfax Cruise 2010 to commence next weekend - September 18th

Colfax Cruise and Poker Run 2010
Colfax Cruise and Poker Run 2010

Colfax Avenue, on of the straightest roads west of the Mississippi, is also host to one of the longest cruise routes in Colorado. The Colfax Cruise and Poker Run 2010 is almost upon us; next weekend, September 18th, 2010, hundreds of people and cars will hit the streets and start cruising Colfax Avenue from Aurora to Golden. 

Organized by the Old Car Council of Colorado (OCCC), established in 1965, the Cruise has been brought back to life. Why do we say brought back to life? Back in the '50s, '60s and '70s, cruising was one of the most popular social events for American teenagers. Even better, it only took a car, your friends and a tank of petrol. Some say cruising faded with the baby-boomer generation being busy with careers and raising their families, however, now we are seeing a resurgence and participation from people of all ages. 

So come out and join the fun next weekend at the Colfax Cruise and Poker 2010 on September 18th from 2-7 p.m. 

Cruise and Poker run locations: 

Havana Auto Parts - 15355 E Colfax Ave. 
East High School - 2300 E Colfax Ave. 
Invesco at Mile Hi
NAPA Auto Parts -  5505 W Colfax Ave.
Mazda of Lakewood - 7999 W Colfax Ave.
Freedom Harley Davidson - 8020 W Colfax Ave.
Club Auto of Colorado - 11100 W 8th Ave.
Piflers's Sports Tavern - 11353 W Colfax Ave. 

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