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Cole Miller says his 'beef' with 'Cowboy' Cerrone dates back to 2007

According to a Jan. 26 report from MMA Fighting, Cole Miller says his "beef" with "Cowboy" Cerrone dates back to 2007, when he fought Leonard Garcia.

Since Garcia and Cerrone are good friends, Miller believes the feud has been brewing since the two entered the cage together in 2007.

Miller is still hoping to have the chance to fight Cerrone someday in the near future, but that would mean "Cowboy" would have to drop 10 pounds to cut to 145.

Cerrone was asked about a potential fight against Miller during the UFC on FOX 10 post-fight presser, and he was fairly dismissive of the idea.

He said he would be more interested in a bout against Benson Henderson. Miller says the bad blood between him and Cerrone stemmed from comments made on The UG, a popular MMA forum.

"Honestly, I didn’t even know [Cerrone] had a fight coming up this weekend until the other day," Miller said. "I check the UG all the time, and I had saw that he had made a comment about jumping down to 145 pounds. So I was like, ‘perfect!’ We had our beef and…it’s not gone. He just happened to be on the rise when he came in so he got, not that he didn’t earn it, but he got a quick run towards the lightweight rankings. I was on a skid at the time, and I dropped down to featherweight and had a rough start at the beginning.

"So, we weren’t anywhere near at each other to fight. But I’ve said it, before my day’s done here, it’s going to happen. I really just wanted to throw that out there to remind him and others that it’s not done yet. And if he needs motivation to come to 145…that’s on the table."

Miller says he feels like Cerrone is underestimating him a bit, so he wants the chance to prove he belongs as one of the top fighters in the division.

"I honestly think that [Cerrone] thinks I’m a mark, that I was just some easy guy that he could get over on -- that I was just some pushover that he could have an easy fight," Miller said. "There might have been some guys that beat me, but I’m not an easy fight for anybody.

"So, I’m not just going to stand there when somebody talks about me like that. We can fight. And we’ve had a couple of…we’ve jawed back and forth and had a couple of close calls behind the scenes and things like that. But we haven’t been able to get in the cage, so when I saw that on the Underground where it says in an interview that he was considering dropping down to 145 pounds, I was like, hey, if you just need a little bit of motivation to cut that weight, here it is."

Miller, 29, has won three of his past four, while Cerrone has also won three of four.

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