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Cole Hamels' trade rumors generate classic Philadelphia fan response

Hamels' has finished in the Top 8 of the NL's Cy Young Award voting during the first eight years of his career.
Hamels' has finished in the Top 8 of the NL's Cy Young Award voting during the first eight years of his career.
Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Horror movie character reactions would pale in comparison to the shrieks that would be heard if Cole Hamels is traded in the prime of his career. The buzz in the air now, based purely on trade conjecture, is moving toward end-of-the world order. Stepping back from the cliff (not Lee in this trade feature), one has to wonder if this scenario is even likely to happen?

Even Mother Nature fears the wrath of Philadelphia Phillies' fans. Yes, as baseball trade deadline rumors have been slung on every digital wall, the classic verbal stylings of 'Brotherly Love' residents can be loudly heard above it all.

Phillies' fans are proud of their motley nature. To them, their badge of dishonor is part of who they are. Considering many past sports' injustices (a speculative point to be conceded), who can blame them?

A sizable segment inside this particular fan base fully supported the red pinstripers when they were flying high in recent seasons. That chunk of 'loyalists' also jumped overboard, sometimes in the middle of games, or even, at bats, as the scenes within Citizens Bank Park drastically changed in recent seasons.

Number 35 is, without any reasonable argument, the best homegrown Phillies' pitcher in many decades. Recent rumors, which merely represent proposed realities, suggest that 'Hollywood' could be dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers, or to the now-retired Scott Rolen's area of baseball heaven (a claim he later seemed to revoke) where the St. Louis Cardinals live.

General manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. would be instantly vilified by a cast of Yo-Philly characters if he ever dealt this modern 'Lefty, for any package of prospects. The GM's only hope, if he's allowed to keep his job past this fall, would be to see the return on this risky trade proposition yield multiple core elements of the next Phillies' generation. But, if that happens, many watersheds will open.

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