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Coldplay's live music video in Sydney Australia goes viral

Rarely does the release of a new music video prompt me to watch it over and over. But Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”, an uplifting love song accompanied with electronic music and anthemic lyrics, is one of those rare moments.

Chris Martin performing "A Sky Full of Stars" in Sydney
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

The second single from Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories, the official video for “A Sky Full of Stars” was recorded Tuesday in the Sydney, Australia suburb of Newton. In Australia's largest city for three concerts before returning to London for two sold out shows at Royal Albert Hall in July, Coldplay announced the live video shoot on the streets of Sydney on their Twitter page on Monday. The following day, Coldplay announced that 250 fans were needed for the #AFSOvideo via Twitter and were instructed to meet at Courthouse Hotel in Newton, Sydney. Needless to say, the turnout was tremendous and Coldplay representatives had to turn to Twitter again to plead to fans not to come down after they’ve selected the 250 fans.

Nevertheless, hundreds of other people also had the chance to appear in the joyously pleasing video, which begins with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin emerging from a side street onto King Street in Sydney’s central business district. Looking much like a one man band, equipped with a bass drum, cymbal, brass horn and mic along with his guitar, Martin parades down King Street past restaurants and other business amid a growing crowd of well wishers and others capturing the moment via smartphone. Martin momentarily joins up with the other bandmembers (also somewhat resembling one man bands) just over a minute into the video to perform the song’s signature instrumental and moments later, he's off again with an ever growing legion of smiling followers thrilled to be part of a video that was destined to be a viral hit the moment it appeared on You Tube less than 48 hours later.

Chris Martin is again met by with the band members approaching the three minute mark of the video before heading into packed courtyard with those 250 fans anxiously waiting. And as Coldplay arrives, the crowd erupts in shouts of excitement as the song culminates in a shower of confetti and fans singing collectively “such a heavenly view, you’re a heavenly view”. As the video concludes, Coldplay lists all of the lucky 250 people who were able to appear in the finale. For me, "A Sky Full of Stars" is as invigorating as it is simplistic yet as inspiring as Pharrell William's wildly popular music video "Happy".

It’s no secret Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow announced plans of a separation and possible divorce three months ago but it’s also not a secret that these parents of two children still share the same roof in Los Angeles. More recent speculation suggest the couple are acting like “married people in love” once again and that Paltrow never wanted a divorce.

Whether or not a reconciliation is imminent, “A Sky Full of Stars”, seems like a wonderful tribute to one of the more popular celebrity couples. Just moments ago, the video eclipsed two million You Tube views and may surpass many of Coldplay’s most watched videos, although their video of “Paradise”, with nearly 290 million views, is still a ways off. Still, as much as I have enjoying watching "A Sky Full of Stars" repeatedly, I wouldn't count it out just yet.

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