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The band Coldplay released a new song on Tuesday, February 25, 2014(Grow, 2014). Having suggestively tweeted that their fans and followers could expect "something new" at midnight, the time zone according to which followers could expect the occurrence, was not Eastern or Central, but one local to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar(Grow, 2014). Accompanying the song is a video, described as "dark and chilly, full of black-and-white photo-negative images and what looks like heat-sensitive silhouettes of Coldplay's members ambling through a forest. The song itself is just as chilly"(Grow, 2014).

The ambient, synthesizer-laden track is quite a departure from the band's more piano-oriented sound(Grow, 2014). Despite the release of the new song, there is, as of yet, no indication that the new song would anticipate the arrival of a new studio album, to follow their 2011 album, Mylo Xyloto, which topped album charts of numerous countries, as well as having been certified platinum, oftentimes several times over, in many of these countries.

Grow, Kory. "Coldplay Ease Into Chilly New Track, 'Midnight.'" Web. 25 February 2014. Retrieved from:

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