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Coldplay pulled a Beyonce by releasing new single "Midnight" without warning

Well, it worked for Beyonce, and now British rock group Coldplay has released a new song without any hinting or warning whatsoever. Last night, the long wait many fans had been enduring was over as a new song entitled "Midnight" was released on the band's YouTube channel at, you guessed it, midnight (Mongolian time). The new song has a bit of a different sound to it, leaning more towards the indie/alternative genre with the likes of Bon Iver rather than their more edgy rock v"ibe their other records have had. Their most "recent" album, Mylo Xylo, was released over three years ago, featuring hits like Every Teardrop is A Waterfall" and "Paradise." This new single doesn't seem to have the usual positive feeling that emanates from their earlier records, and it's leaving some fans a little disheartened.

British rock group Coldplay

Fan's responses have been mixed so far in the hours after release. Some praise the group for switching it up and going in a darker, more emotional direction while others, who have been waiting for new music from the band for years, are disappointed that their sound has changed so much from their previous record. Take a listen for yourself above and leave your response in the comments below!

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