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ColdCan™ - Drinking Re-Imagined and Modernized

cold can
cold can

Improve on something we've been using forever? Why not? Why do people use the same, cheap, foam koozies to wrap around their canned beverages and bottles in a futile attempt at keeping them cold? Simple = lack of options. CryoLok locks easily, but firmly, together with various ColdCan attachments. The ColdCan Core acts as the body of the ColdCan and fits a 12 ounce can. The ColdCan Core locks with the ColdCan Riser, to expand the container to hold most 16 ounce cans. And like the ColdCan Riser, the lid uses CryoLok fittings and attaches to the top of the container, to seal your beverages, or on bottom for convenient carrying while you drink.

This modular system will allow us to expand the ColdCan to fit your life in many ways. Everyone likes to enjoy what they drink. When you want your beverage to be cold, you don't want it to be cold for just the first few minutes after you take it out of the refrigerator or cooler. You want it to be cold until the last damn drop.

We searched everywhere for advances in insulation material. We wanted to transform our cold drinking experience from using the same old beverage insulation technology our grandfathers and grandmothers used (which basically doesn't insulate at all) to something that was fitting of the world, today. When it was all said and done, we found it closer to home than we would have imagined. Cryogel, a derivative of the same substance (silica aerogel) used in NASA space suits and the Mars rover, would be the insulation technology that would lock in the cold for the ColdCan. It is the most insulating substance known to man for this type of application. And it's crazy expensive, but unbelievably effective.

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