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Cold weather – warm heart

As many of us in the northeast US sit in our homes this Sunday evening, enjoying the relative warmth inside, we may tend to dwell on the rather severe cold weather that seems to have us in its grip, not just in the northeast of the country, but as far down as Alabama, Georgia, and even Florida. It seems that the weather patterns have continued to be more unpredictable than previous years, and globally as well as nationally. Despite the environmental challenges thrown at us during this particular winter, most of us are still soldiering on, putting one foot in front of the other and managing to get through our days mostly intact, body and soul.

While our external environment tries to chill us, it might be good to remember that there is innate warmth in the way we handle ourselves through adversity. When the winter hands us ice and snow, we have the option to shape our inner environments to reflect the warmth of our love for each other and for the eternal spring that exists in every one of us. The exchange of ideas and concepts continues on through our electronic world of the internet, but we can also share our hopes and dreams for the future. Spring is less than two months away. Just the images of sprouting buds can be enough to ward off the chill of winter. Indoor gardens can lift our spirits, much as sharing our plans for the coming warmer seasons ahead that we know will arrive eventually.

Try an experiment. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and try to hold in your inner mind’s eye the best and happiest images of spring that you remember. Remember how the warmth of the sun feels on your head and imagine watching the bright yellow buds of forsythia suddenly appearing around your neighborhood or on a rooftop garden. Can’t you just smell the wonderful scent of hyacinths wafting past? Breathe deeply and let it out slowly. Ah, yes, now you remember. As the winter allows you to reflect on your past year and dream of the next, so is it also for your growth, invisible though it appears to be. As you make your way through the rest of the winter season, remember to think spring!
Peace @-)-)-----

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