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Cold weather vision: Reviewing your goals

Winter Chipmunk
Winter Chipmunk
Cara Sands

Winter is traditionally a wonderful time of the year to take long, reflective walks, jog amongst paths of muted, winter palates and enjoy nature's bounty of birds, evergreens and nature's other gifts. This season in particular is well-suited for journaling and reviewing vision maps, carefully considering which goals were accomplished, and which goals are still outstanding.

A question to ask yourself is: " this goal relevant? How is this goal going to positively change my life if realized?"

If the answer draws a blank, then a review of your "must-haves" is called for.

Often, our goals don't manifest because they are no longer necessary for our personal growth. Alternately, we may have already integrated the value of a particular goal via another mechanism. Therefore, recognizing the spiritual contribution of each of our life's dreams will float us closer to our life's purpose.

Find a good time to be honest with yourself. Grab a pen and paper, a laptop or a hand-held device and start getting your thoughts out of your head. This is the first step to making peace with yourself and connecting with All That Is.