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Cold weather photography

Cold Weather Gloves
Cold Weather Gloves
Lowe Pro Gloves

WOW has it been cold and snowy. So what about some tips on cold weather camera care?

It’s bad for camera equipment to go from a cold environment to a warm environment in a shot time span. If you ever had on a pair of glasses and moved from a cold environment to a warm one, you glasses fogged up like crazy. Your camera equipment works the same way. A camera lens will form condensation. Not good for a lens as it could eventually lead to mold on the interior of the lens. So what the heck can you do?
If you are shooting in the cold outdoors,keep you camera in your camera bag when you bring in inside. Let it warm up for a few hours before you take it out.

When shooting in the cold, resist the temptation to slide your camera under your coat to warm it up.
Do not blow or breathe on your LCD screen.. Your breath is going to create condensation and it will freeze
Keep you car cold when you are moving from one location to the other. You do not want your lens to form condensation.

Batteries lose power fast in the cold. Keep an extra one handy and keep it in your pocket.Those chemical hand warmers are wonderful!!!!

Did you ever carry a tripod in the cold !!! Well carbon fiber is not bad. All metal tripod will freeze your hands. You can wrap the legs with pipe insulation or even handlebar tape from bicycles.

Gloves are also handy. You can use ones with the finger tips cut off. Lowe pro makes a special glove for winter photography too.


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