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Cold Justice: Who Killed Robin Stone?

Cold Justice
Cold Justice

In this episode of Cold Justice, Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary begin their investigation on the "other side of the tracks" in Cambridge, Ohio. The victim is 17-year-old Robin Stone.

Robin was entering her senior year of high school. She attended the first day of school, but did not attend her second day or return to her home. Her mother reported her missing daughter to the police. Four months later, rabbit hunters found Robin's body and the tiny bones of Robin's unborn baby. She was identified by jewelry and dental records.

Robin's diary revealed Robin had several relationships, the longest of which was with Lee Savage. Lee Savage's home was a mere 0.6 miles away from the site where Robin was found. There were lots of threats from Jack Savage. Jack did not want the baby, did not like Robin, did not approve because he thought he was a higher class. He was a very angry man all around. Jack would beat Lee if Lee lost a fight at school. When called about Robin, he said that he hoped she was dead and that she was welfare trash. Would he help Lee kill Robin or do it himself?

During an interview with Elsie, former mother-in-law of Lee, reported she was told by Lee that he, Lee, or dad, Jack, could be the father of the unborn child. Lee or Jack? An issue for Jack: Having sex with young girls. Lee was not too happy about his father having sex with Robin.

Women from Lee's past said he was physically abusive, had a short fuse and was very controlling. Also, he had a choking pattern during sex. One woman thought Lee did it.

When investigating members met with Lee his body language showed he was nervous. He said Robin was 14 years old when he met her. He admitted to having sex with her.

It's kinder to not say any more than this: The type of sex they engaged in would not result in pregnancy.

DNA swab tests show Jack is excluded as the baby's father, Lee is not excluded. This is an important part of the case but prosecutor wants more before going forward.

Kelly and Yolanda report their findings to Robin's family. The baby was determined to be a boy. Robin's mother wanted to choose a name for him. He will have an identity. She was happy to learn the results to date and is assured this will not continue as a cold case.

Robin Stone should be remembered as a young girl who liked to take her sister swimming. She had dreams like most 17-year-old girls. She loved all kinds of animals and wanted to be a veterinarian.

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