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Cold Justice: Tale of two dead wives

Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary.....complete another season of Cold Justice.
Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary.....complete another season of Cold Justice.
Cold Justice

When Kathy married Earl Taylor in 1973 she didn't realize he'd someday be convicted of murdering his second wife Mindy, according to this season's final episode of Cold Justice, Friday, on TNT. Earl Taylor, 62, of Vigo County, Indiana, was arrested and convicted of murdering his second wife in 1988 and sentenced to 60 years incarceration.

But 60 years doesn't mean the same thing to the Indiana Parole Board that it means to mathematicians and most people. Earl was released in January of 2014 from prison so he could spend his days prowling the Terre Haute library.

He is free just in time to be investigated by nationally prominent attorney Kelly Siegler and acclaimed investigator Yolanda McClary in connection with the death of first wife Kathy Taylor who was 39 in 1975. Before he was convicted for murdering anyone, Earl called his dad and said he'd found wife Kathy dead after she'd been electrocuted in the bathtub by a clock radio which had accidentally tumbled into the water with her.

Earl and Kathy had been married a mere two years when the radio took its fall into the bathtub. Earl explained to his dad and later law enforcement that he emptied the water and removed his late wife from the tub, placing her on the floor nearby.

Maxine Dean, Kathy's mother, said on TNT that her daughter was a kind person and worked in a nursing home. When the people in the nursing home heard of Kathy's untimely death, they called Maxine and were sad Kathy had to die before they did. She was clearly beloved by many people both in the nursing home and in the community.

At the time, law enforcement authorities accepted Taylor's story that his wife died as a result of an accidental electrocution.

However, law enforcement officials of Vigo County decided to call in the TNT Cold Justice team of Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary to help them look into Kathy's murder after he was convicted of murdering his second wife. With no DNA and no physical evidence to examine, Yolanda explains the team must determine whether or not this is a suicide, murder or accident. Simply the fact Earl has been convicted of murdering his second wife doesn't prove he murdered Kathy.

While Kelly and Yolanda are working on the case at the sheriff's office Earl surprises everyone by appearing. He has paroled out of prison and is reporting to law enforcement as he is required to do. He's not there to confess or discuss the case. Kelly said the team will interview him later when the investigation is further along the road.

Yolanda said the team came to the conclusion there was no accident and no electrocution. Brusies on Kathy's upper arms convince the former Las Vegas investigator that someone held down her down by grabbing her arms and forcing her head under the water. A bruise on her chin indicated whoever drowned her turned her head sideways to be certain she was under water.

Detective Derek Fell found Earl at the library. A tall, six foot three man recently released from prison, he is easy to find in the library, according to Yolanda. The team escorts Earl from his computer and out to the TNT van.

When he is asked by investigators about Kathy's case he turns silent, saying, "No comment. Thank you." He opened the van door and strode briskly away.

Dr. Roland Kohr said, "If this had been an electrocution her heart would've stopped. She actually drowned."

Kelly, who won countless murder trials without defeat in the Harris County District Attorney's Office, said his refusal to co-operate doesn't hurt the case. She explains the staging of the murder scene to make it look like electrocution instead of drowning, the forging of Kathy's name on numerous life insurance policies and a discredited alibi story along with other evidence are enough to bring charges in the case.

Earl was arrested and is now ensconced in jail.

Kelly, Yolanda and Wisconsin investigator Steve Spingola completed the second season of TNT Cold Justice with yet another successful investigation Kelly can devote more time to her law practice in Houston and Yolanda can presumably spend more time with family and friends in Las Vegas during the offseason. Cold Justice is expected to return for yet another season on TNT after a brief hiatus.

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