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Cold Justice in review

Cold Justice
Cold Justice

Let's hear it for smart women.

On TNT's Cold Justice, Yolanda McClary was a member of the Las Vegas Police Department for 26 years, 16 years of which she dedicated her time to working in the crime lab. She is the real-life model for CSI's actress, Marg Helgenberger. Prosecutor Kelly Siegler has been a successful prosecutor for Harris County, Texas, where she fought for justice for the residents and crime victims. During her career she secured the death penalty in 19 out of 20 capital murder cases.

The moment Yolanda and Kelly begin their endeavor of solving a cold case, they draw the viewer in. No egos involved here. Patient, thorough, skillful, their work begins meeting with family members of the victim and working with law enforcement who have reached a seemingly deadend in a case.

Yolanda and Kelly begin with creating a chart depicting information gathered from a previous time. Go with them to the scene of the crime where members of their team recreate the event. Fresh interviews of suspects, witnesses and associates are conducted with Kelly and Yolanda listening behind the scenes. A fresh perspective from Kelly and Yolanda brings a spark into the case. They leave the watcher eager to see their next move.

Cold Justice is a "just the facts, ma'am" program. It's just plain interesting. No fuss or frills needed. It respects a viewer. Keep watching and wait for your A-ha moment! This program leaves you wanting to see more.