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Cold Justice: 'I went back, grabbed the knife and killed her'

Kelly Siegler (l.) pictured with Yolanda McClary......celebrating a successful investigation.
Kelly Siegler (l.) pictured with Yolanda McClary......celebrating a successful investigation.
Yolanda McClary

The Cold Justice team of Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary rolled into Indiana hoping to solve a 16-year old cold case and left with a dramatic confession from a murderer tonight, Friday, Feb. 14 on TNT. Mary Case Brown, a nurse came home from work to discover the gruesome sight of her 19-year old sister Ericka Case, lying dead on the living room floor.

Mary immediately called 911 for help, but it was too late to save Ericka who'd been stabbed 33 times on the morning of Sept. 5, 1998 in Terre Haute. By the time the show was over, the crack investigative team had received a confession from suspect Clint Mackey who said, "I went back, grabbed the knife and killed her."

But the trail leading to the confession was not an easy one for former star Houston prosecutor Siegler and famed Las Vegas police investigator McClary. As the pathway leads to Clint Mackey's grandfather Robert Mackey's home, Siegler becomes somewhat frustrated and yells at him, "How long are you going to protect his sorry.........?"

Grandfather Mackey responds by ordering Siegler and team off his property. Originally, he had said, "I don't think you wanna' know what happened" which led to Siegler's fiery response.

Siegler explains the case will be difficult from the outset of Espisode Four of Season Two because DNA will not solve this crime. Two young men partied with the victim that night so it's natural their DNA will be all over the place as Siegler explains.

Once they trek to the crime scene, McClary said, "The spraying of blood here is significant because part of the area is covered with it. But it looks like from where the body was found, the killer was on his knees beside her while he stabbed her to death. There is what's called a void area here. It's void of blood. The killer was probably here which meant the blood sprayed onto him instead of in the void area. So our killer got blood spray on him."

Just as it appears this cold case has become too frigid to solve, the TNT team find witness Jennifer Kalber. Kalber admits she dated Clint. She remembered that he would get mad at her if she said no to him. She recounted that he would "throw her against the wall." She tried to bring charges for rape against him, but his lawyer obtained a favorable plea bargain for him which allowed him to continue his violent ways.

Then yet another female who alleges she was a victim of the suspect is found. Tiffany, who was only 15 at the time of her run-in with Mackey told investigators he persuaded her to have sex with him even though she had never kissed anyone before.

"His lawyer made me look like a 15-year old sophisticated whore," Tiffany said in frustration. "The jury found him not guilty."

Siegler has brought along two other high-powered investigators on this trip to the Hoosier state. Retired Houston detective John Bonds, who frequently is on the show, and former Milwaukee detective Steve Spingola, who worked the Jeffrey Dahmer case, are also on this week's roster.

The turning point in the case comes when witness Penny Garriott is located. She tells the investigators she was on a date with the suspect when he surprised her by crying. Clint told her he and Isaiah were on drugs the night they went over to the victim's house to party on the night of the murder. He asked her out and she refused. He told Penny that he passed out from drugs and when he awoke he had blood all over his hands.

The climax to this dramatic case comes when Clint confesses to the high-powered team of investigators. In his videotaped confession he said, "I went back, grabbed the knife and I killed her."

Clint Mackey is residing in the Vigo County Jail with free room and board courtesy of the taxpayers. He will have the opportunity of serving 65 years in prison with his rent paid for by the state of Indiana. It is not likely his lawyer will be able to get him off the hook this time unless he can figure out some way to throw out the confession.

Jury Case, Sr., father of the victim, had laid to rest his wife only a short time before the Cold Justice team arrived in the beautiful town of Terre Haute. He said, "It's hard to move on when you lose somebody and......then somebody else."

Siegler and McClary have been rewarded by TNT for the great job they've done by having their season extended into the summer. This is five consecutive shows in which they have solved a cold case dating back to the last episode of season one.

Fans will be happy to know the show will continue to air on Fridays at 8 or 9 p.m., CST, each Friday into the summer. Murderers running free on the highways and byways of America will not be happy.

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