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Cold Justice: Crushed skulls leave community puzzled

Kelly Siegler (l.) pictured with Yolanda McClary......celebrating a successful investigation.
Kelly Siegler (l.) pictured with Yolanda McClary......celebrating a successful investigation.
Yolanda McClary

When the bodies of two young people with their skulls both crushed in were found 31 years ago, investigators were left puzzled and the case is left to attorney Kelly Siegler and investigator Yolanda McClary to tackle in the final episode of Season 2 of Cold Justice last Friday, March 28. Melissa Gregory was only 17 and Steven Fischer 20 when their bodies were found in Newton, Iowa.

Snow is covering the countryside around Newton when Siegler and McClary shiver as they drive into the Midwest town. At one point during this investigation by the TNT team the temperature will plunge to minus four degrees.

Kelly and Yolanda discuss that there are two possible ways this murder could've happened. One possibility is a drug-related murder and the other is a revenge killing rooted in jealousy.

"That's why we have Investigator Johnny Bonds with us today. He's got a lot of experience at solving drug cases. He can help tell us whether or not drugs were involved in these murder," Siegler said.

Steven was working at the Copper Dollar Ranch and investigators are engulfed with rumors he was part of a drug-trafficking operation. There have been rumors drugs have been smuggled in through cows brought to the ranch.

The owner of the ranch is interviewed and denies there was any drug operation going on at his place. The owner denied that Steven had ever made drug runs to Florida for him. He also said he would've heard at some point during the last 31 years if the double murders were in retaliation for Steve being a snitch. He said when officers approached him after Steve's body was found, they mentioned the snitch angle. The owner denied any knowledge of that.

He further denied that he sent Steve to Florida with $36,000 to pick up marijuana.

Bond, who has extensisve experience in Houston as an investigator comes to the conclusion this was not a drug-inspired killing.

"This was a very angry killer who beat in both their skulls. It looks like a passion killing to me. Not a typical drug murder to sent a message," Bond concluded.

The TNT team switch to the jealous angle. They analyze the issue that Steve and Melissa were dating while he was still married. His wife would certainly have a motive, but would she actually take two lives?

Tim Supino, the brother of the wife, said, "We went to ranch that night. I gave my sister a ride out there. I talked to Steve and he pushed me out of the doorway. I then dropped my sister off at someone's house."

The TNT team talks to Terri who is five feet tall and weighed only 90 pounds 31 years ago. Was it even physically possible for someone of her size to kill a man and a woman?

Yolanda intones, "It's possible. There are some mean women out there."

When Kelly and Yolande enter the trailer which was the crime scene they are surprised out how small it is.

"Steven was ambushed outside the trailer. A smaller person could've killed Steven using the element of surprise," said Yolanda.

Once someone is attacked they may be stunned and unable to fight back.

Yolanda and Kelly follow the trail of blood inside the trailer.

"There was blood on the stove and on the bench seat. She was murdered on the bench seat. It was such a tiny area in which to be killed. The attacker would have to be a small person," Yolanda said.

"Melissa was found naked so we can assume she was surprised while she was asleep in bed. The killer got the jump on her. Melissa may have been crawling away in a condition of shock," Kelly said.

"Her head could've been slammed against the stove and then against the bench in this tiny area," Yolanda said.

The ex-wife of Steven is arrested for the double murders, thanks to the work of the TNT team. Hopefully, Kelly and Yolanda will be back for another season of solving cold case muders.

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