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Cold Justice: Confession obtained in Oklahoma case

Yolanda McClary (l.) and Kelly Siegler.......solve cold cases on TNT's Cold Justice.
Yolanda McClary (l.) and Kelly Siegler.......solve cold cases on TNT's Cold Justice.

The mother of two vanished from her home in Altus, Oklahoma 11 years ago, and the investigation went as cold as Antarctica until Kelly Siegler and Yoland McClary were asked for help by local law enforcement. The former star prosecutor of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Kelly Siegler and celebrated investigator from Las Vegas Police Department Yolanda McClary hit the town of southern Oklahoma with the force of a laser and suddenly the case went from frigid to red hot.

The result was a man confessed to killing wife Tracy Allen, who'd disappeared more than a decade ago and even told the Cold Justice team where he'd buried her body. These are the kinds of results which not only attract viewers, but also result in real world justice.

Altus police detective Bill Perkins deserves the credit for bringing in the additional resources of the TNT hit series Cold Justice to help solve the missing person case.

Siegler said of the confession, "As is so common he minimalized his actions in the hopes he would be charged only with a lesser included offense or no offense at all."

The former prosecutor spoke in the language of someone who has battled against evil in the trenches of courtrooms for many years with a great deal of success. After being confronted with new evidence turned up by the Cold Justice team, the man suddenly admitted to pushing the victim. He said he didn't intend for her to fall and hit her head on some equipment he'd left nearby killing her.

The show was episode one of season two of the TNT hit unscripted series Cold Justice which was televised Friday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m.

The defendant Garland Allen broke down in the middle of the interrogation and even admitted to burying the body and aided law enforcement officials in a search through the countryside of southern Oklahoma.

What led to the dramatic confession?

The Cold Justice team arrived and tapes of an ancient statement which had been given by the victim's five-year old daughter given during the initial investigation re-ignited the case in dramatic fashion. Asked where her mother lived the daughter was heard to say on the tape, "She was laying on the carpet tied up with ropes."

When Siegler and McClary lead their team of TNT investigators to the mobile home in which the victim had lived they discover a large portion of the carpet in the middle of the home had been replaced. Could this mean the original bloodstained carpet in which the victim's body was seen by her then three-year old daughter had been removed? Yes, it could, as McClary and Siegler surmise on the show.

Earlier in the show Siegler and McClary decide to bring in the defendant's mother for interrogation. Even though, as Siegler notes, mothers are notorious for protecting their sons in homicide investigations, in this instance they strike prosecutor's gold. While at first reluctant to implicate her son, she admits he has a violent streak and once broke her nose. After relentless questioning she also admitted she believed her son had murdered the victim and even conducted her own search without results.

Jackson County DA John Wampler announced he has filed second degree murder charges against Allen following his arrest in Decatur, Tex.

TNT representative Kristina Stafford said the show will continue on the cable network Fridays at 7 p.m. CST throughout the second season.

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