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'Cold Justice' attempts to resolve a tragic case in Cottonwood Arizona

The TNT TV show Cold Justice comes to Cottonwood AZ to investigate a cold case haunting the city for many years.
The TNT TV show Cold Justice comes to Cottonwood AZ to investigate a cold case haunting the city for many years.
Courtesy of TNT

Paranormal investigations are not always about calming down a ghostly haunting, dealing with demons, or trying to outsmart a prankster poltergeist. Sometimes a paranormal investigation can lead into solving a murder, a mysterious death or accident which resulted into what criminal investigators call a ‘cold case’.

Enter the gates of Cottonwood Cemetery in Arizona
Photo courtesy of Ginger Mason

Recently, the Verde Valley Spirit Seekers conducted an informative afternoon in the Clarkdale and Cottonwood, Arizona area on historic cemeteries. They invited locals and guests from the Phoenix area to come along on their ‘Cemetery Hop’ and learn some of the secrets of the cemeteries in Yavapai County.

The group sharpened their skills on recording EVP, photographing tombstones, and even watched a short dowsing demonstration by dowser, Debe Branning. VVSS challenged the ghost hunter’s one additional task to assist in giving a bit of insight to an unsolved ‘cold case’ which has puzzled the citizens of Cottonwood for years.

On Friday, February 7, 2014, TNT’s Cold Justice will feature this case. The synopsis reads: “Marisol Gonzalez was a top student at Mingus Union High School, had lots of friends and a close-knit family that loved her. In the summer before her junior year, she began dating one of her neighbors and classmates, Cecilio Criuz. Marisol hadn’t gone out with many boys, but she was taken in by Cecilio’s seemingly heartfelt affection and eventually fell for him - he was her first love. However, she quickly came to realize that she was far from the only one that he loved, and they broke up. Soon after, she found out she was pregnant. With the love and support of her family and friends, she decided she was going to have the baby. months later, on March 25, 1997 around 10pm, Marisol - now full term in her pregnancy – told her sister she was waiting for a call from Cecilio, and went outside with the cordless phone. That was the last time she was seen alive. Around 6am the following morning, her body was found in an alleyway a block away from her house. She had been shot one time in the face. To this day, Marisol’s family, friends and the entire Cottonwood Community are shocked and devastated by her murder and that of her unborn child Andrew -- and they desperately want justice.”

The local Arizona paranormal investigators made a special stop near the scene of the crime to try and received “messages” from Marisol and do some EVP work. Although traffic and protective barking dogs hampered their attempts, everyone felt a strong sense of emotion at the spot. Marisol is reaching out for answers. The group also paid homage to the young lady and left tributes of hope at her grave site. With luck, after the airing of the Cold Justice episode, someone will step forward with some answers to the case, and Marisol and her family will at last find peace.

Ginger, a concerned resident of the area and one of the investigators with VVSS stated, “We are feeling some of the impact of this tragedy and it only brings the community together by telling her story. Perhaps using our paranormal skills as yet another tool, unsolved crimes will be something of the past."

Watch Friday night, February 7, 2014 on TNT. Cold Justice will air at 8/7CST. That is 9:00 PM for those viewers in Arizona.

Arizona Haunted Sites Examiner: Debe Branning

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