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Cold-blooded call girl leaves Google exec to die from heroin overdose

Police have arrested the high-priced call girl who they say is responsible for the overdose death of a Google executive last November. Alix Tichelman is the 26-year old prostitute charged in the death of 51-year old Timothy Hayes after a deadly encounter aboard his yacht. According to the Mercury News on Wednesday, Alix Tichelman supplied Hayes with heroin and then fled without helping the man as he overdosed and died.

High-priced prostitute Alix Tichelman is accused of letting a Google exec die from a fatal heroin overdose.
Santa Cruz Police Department

Surveillance cameras aboard the yacht where Hayes died captured the chilling events. The video shows Hayes losing consciousness and definitely in need of medical help. The video also shows a woman believed to be Tichelman as she gathered her belongings and fled the scene. Before leaving the boat, Tichelman literally stepped over Hayes unconscious body so she could retrieve a glass of wine. She then drank the wine before exiting the boat.

Timothy Hayes' body was found the next day by the captain of the boat which was equipped with surveillance both on the inside and outside. Initially that same captain refused to give surveillance tapes to police. It has been suggested that the captain wanted to protect Hayes' image from his family rather than letting them know he was with a prostitute when he died. Timothy Hayes is survived by his wife of 17 years as well as five children.

Eventually police were able to obtain a court order for the surveillance video. They were able to identify Tichelman from the video and got way more than they bargained for as they watched the cold-blooded call girl cover her tracks and leave Hayes to die. In order to arrest her locally, police set up a sting operation at a local swanky hotel and invited Tichelman. She believed she was meeting a rich client for sex and instead she was arrested and taken to jail.

In a surprising twist, it looks like Tichelman may have been involved in another drug overdose death that ended much like that of Hayes. Just months before Hayes November yacht death, Tichelman's boyfriend 53-year-old Dean Riopelle met a similar fate. Riopelle was the owner of The Masquerade in Atlanta and died from a drug overdose in September.

According to authorities, Tichelman said she was in the bathroom when she heard Riopelle collapse. This time Tichelman did alert authorities and told them Riopelle had been using drugs. A Milton Police spokesperson has said that case will be reopened to ensure there was no foul play.

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