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Cold and Flu Season: Is it already too late?

Chicken Soup...
Chicken Soup...

You've got the cold (or flu) already. now what to do?

It is important to quickly address symptoms of a cold or flu as early - within the first 24 hours if possible. If you let it go any longer you allow more time for the bacteria or virus to replicate.

To resolve mucus problems avoid dairy, alcohol, and sugar.

Dairy creates more mucus in your system, which only aggravates the situation. Alcohol weakens the immune system’s ability to fight off offenders. Sugar serves as food for bacteria and helps pathogens replicate.

For the sore throat salt water gargles usually sooth them better than over the counter or prescription medications.

You can add a bit of salt to a glass of warm water. Gargle the salt water in the back of your throat because the salt water serves as an anti-septic and is known to kill bacteria on the surface.

For a cough you can put together a workable "homemade" cough syrup.

Simply take half an onion and place it in a jar covering it with honey and let it just sit there for about half a day. Afterwards, you can use just about a tablespoon three times a day and while it may not sound appealing, it does sounds worse than it actually is. And it works!

For congestion a steam inhalation system tends to work well.

Find eucalyptus leaves nearby or use the essential oil and add it to a steaming pot of water. You then cover your head over the steaming water with a large towel and simply inhale the steam. Eucalyptus does have some potent anti-microbial and drying properties that can help you breath better.

For those body aches try Epsom salt baths.

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate, which relaxes muscles. It can be used for any kinds of body aches even exercise induced. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm water bathtub, soak, and relax.

For a high fever, don't take any chances or put it off too long, but a warming sock treatment and immune system stimulation has been known to work well.

Fever is the body's most natural mechanism to kill germs as most germs cannot survive in higher temperatures. Don't jump right into medications if you can avoid them, but watch it to ensure that the fever doesn't go over 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a good pair of thick cotton socks and run them through cool water. Wring them out well so you are not splashing onto the floor with them and put them on your feet. If you then cover your feet with cool cotton socks with another paid of dry wool socks and jump into bed, when you wake up, the cotton socks should be dry and you should feel better.

This treatment stimulates lymph movement to move your immune system cells throughout your body.

If; however, you do not notice a significant improvement in your symptoms, or if they worsen within 48 hours, then it’s time to consult your physician.

Finally, it's always a good idea to continue to eat reasonably. A number of valid studies have shown that even chicken soup does tend to help people handle their cold symptoms. Ingredients in a very good chicken soup can reduce inflammation and stimulate the increased release of mucus from your system. So, not so much just an old wives tale...

Of course, you may want to consult with a credible nutritionist to successfully increase your supplementation such as increasing your Vitamin C and D3 dosages.

Here's to a healthier Winter for 2014.

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