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Cold-Activated Skin Creams?

The Cryogenic Moisturizer is part of the DNA Rejuvenation System by EliteSkin.
The Cryogenic Moisturizer is part of the DNA Rejuvenation System by EliteSkin.

Every day there are new skin products introduced to the market.  They moisturizer, revitalize, stabilize, and refresh the skin in the never-ending quest to help us look younger.  Usually, I find that skin care products these days often times overlap, or simply don't fill a need that another product I already use does.  Normally I find nothing innovative, and to be frank, I walk away unimpressed.

That all changed this past weekend when I came across the Cryogenic Moisturizer, a new patent-pending skin cream by EliteSkin.  This daily moisturizer uses cold-activated technology and processes to react in a positive manner.  Therefore, the instructions state to keep this facial cream in a cool place, such as the refrigerator.  When kept at 40 degrees, the ingredients, which include the industry's highest concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, become active.

So how do you know when it's ready?  I can see that question coming from a mile away.

The label of the product changes to a blue color.  (It's initially white.)  This is similar to the technology that Coors Light uses in their famous beer cans that turn "cold as the rockies." 

While this product touches on many levels of innovation, it serves one purpose:  to refresh and moisturize the skin on the face.  It's sold for $89.99, but you can get up to four of these skin creams for a huge discount if you like the product. 

I had a chance to try this product, and I was wowed by not only the technology and packaging, but also the feeling it had on my face when applied at the cool temperature.  I could feel it absorbing and working on contact, and so far I can see changes in my skin's tone and texture. This is perhaps the most innovative product launched yet by EliteSkin, which is a company known for their famous Elite Serum.

If you haven't seen this one yet, I invite you to read a skin product review posted here.


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