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Colcannon in Longmont

Enjoy Colcannon in Concert
Enjoy Colcannon in Concert

Colcannon is kicking off their Summer Season with a free outdoor show at the Longmont Museum on Wednesday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m. The museum is at 400 Quail Street in Longmont. Make your plans to be amazed, educated, and entertained by Mick and Jean and Mike and Brian and Cynthia.

Colcannon features authentic, joyous Irish Music.... traditional with a touch of chamber music and music hall, Colcannon plays Irish music with panache, warmth and wit. Equally at home on the stage at a folk music festival or performing with a symphony orchestra, their
ageless songs and fine musicianship transport the audience to another time and place.

Colcannon has developed a distinctive, inventive, and contemporary musical style while still keeping in firm touch with
the heart and essence of traditional Irish music. Colcannon’s concerts are renowned for their energy, for singer/frontman Mick
Bolger’s irrepressible sense of humor and sly wit, and, of course, or the music; music that expresses flights of joy, deep sorrows, and
an unquenchable zest for life.

Mick Bolger is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the leading interpreters of traditional Irish song.He sings in both English and his native Irish (Gaelic), bringing an emotional directness and surprising depth to his material. He also plays the bodhrán (the Irish goatskin drum) and his stories and unexpected flights of humor keep audiences intrigued. Mick originally moved to the U.S. to pursue a degree in sculpture, but ended up focusing on performing traditional music. He is an avid reader and a great cook-- you can find book reviews and recipes on Mick's blog.

A fiddler of both power and finesse, Jean Bolger began playing violin at the age of six: classical music was the ‘approved listening’ at home. A later convert to Irish fiddle, she brings great control to her fiery playing and a firm delicacy to her subtle, nuanced accompaniments. (On the other hand, she has occasionally been known to play the accordion, and has a weakness for Irish polkas) Jean is also a prolific composer, and at one point undertaking a project of writing a new tune every day for a year. She has a website devoted to teaching Irish fiddle tunes at

Mike Fitzmaurice plays both guitar and acoustic bass in Colcannon. Another former visual artist, he earned a degree in painting before becoming involved in music. His musical past has run the gamut from bluegrass band to blues band to ballet orchestra. Mike’s bass playing is unique in the traditional music scene, with the instrument often stepping up as an equal voice in the melodic texture- the “bass fiddle”, as it were. He is also a skilled composer, and has written two full-scale works for Colcannon and symphony orchestra, “The Red Kite” and “Lusanna.”

Brian Mullins originally joined Colcannon as a guitarist and mandolin player in 1994. His inventive rhythmic accompaniments are a defining aspect of the group’s sound. Over the years he has incorporated more and more of his instrumental skills into the band’s arrangements, playing mandocello, cittern, erhu (Chinese spike fiddle) and flute. (His collection of odd instruments is an ever-growing phenomenon) Brian is a prolific composer, and has performed and recorded with more projects than we can list. He has also toured extensively with a residency program, bringing his enthusiasm for world music and instruments to elementary school children.

Colcannon’s newest member, Cynthia Jaffe has been performing in the Celtic music scene since 2002, most notably in the Colorado-based trio “County Boulder.” A multi-instrumentalist with classical roots, she hails from New York and lived in New England, Denmark, Amsterdam, India, and various places between, before settling in Colorado. Long intrigued by world music, she studied classical Indian music (flute and kanjira) at Wesleyan University’s World Music Program and with master teachers in Madras, India. Somehow it was inevitable that the Irish flute would especially capture her heart.

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